Food is Love


What would be your first thought? when you hear the word GRAIN, maybe you would think of bread or maybe food but for me it is always that Afghan delicious and long breads. Honestly it is been already 4 years that I am out of the country and I missed those delicious bread  very much. before going abroad, I was thinking that every country eating bread as part of their daily dishes because in Afghanistan, it is like that. Afghan people always eat bread as part of their daily meals. no matter what you cook, bread is part of your meal. So growing up like that I was thinking that maybe everywhere people eat bread daily but with my surprise when I traveled to Philippines and South Korea, I find out that NO, I am wrong there are a lot of people who doesn’t eat bread much often but instead at least in these two countries people always eat Rice as part of their meal while in my country we eat rice just once or twice a week.

Now I know that every country’s food and food culture is different and honestly that is just amazing because it makes life is so diverse and different.but I am always picky with food, I just can’t eat everything or the foods that are new to me, specially grown up as a Muslim, I can’t eat pork and while living abroad one of my biggest struggles in terms of food is the problem with Pork. Whenever I have to go to a restaurant and they have the food that I am not familiar then my first question is always: “Does it have pork?”. that is kind of hard for us because we can’t really feel comfortable unlike some of my other friends who have no worries when it comes to choosing food as far as they like the taste or they are curious to try a new food. but my choice is always limited.

Today’s topic and challenge is about Grain but I ended up writing about food, well for me actually Grain is the other name of food and that is why I talked about food. I wanted also to write about how food is love? that title might look kind of strange for you guys but for me, i have my reasons to say that food is Love. Imagine all the poor people of these world??? how many poor people would be there?? I don’t exactly know but let’s say from the 7 billion population of the world if there are a 100 million poor people who live on the streets or can’t provide food to eat then I think the best way for us to express our love toward them is by giving them a little bit of our food. I believe that life is not fair Some of us have too much and some us have nothing at all. but look around you? would you feel happy if other people are suffering around you? I don’t think so. today I wish we all could have the time to reflect about how can we contribute to those people’s life who need our help the most.


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