The Different Phase of Our Life


I am already in my 20s, that means I had the chance to experience many things that have happened in my life up to now. One of the amazing  fact that I came to realize is that life is amazingly beautiful yet deceiving in some other ways. different phases of our life give us different kind of experiences,  from childhood until we die.  childhood is the period which we really have no stress or worries for tomorrow, all we can think of is to have fun and enjoy playing games as much as we can. that is also the period when we are the most vulnerable and weak also but childhood is  the period that our judgmental mind has no power to gives us reason what is good or bad,  but instead we tend to follow doing things that can bring us happiness.

Isn’t that Amazing? come on, just think about it for a while. I think it is one of the best trait that we can learn from childhood. The lesson that teaching us to follow our heart not our mind. Because if we all chase happiness, I can tell you we can’t get and catch with our mind alone. I know you might say, Oh no I don’t agree with that. that is okay if we don’t agree  but think for a while about all the great people that you admire them in your life. What is so unique about them? Is it about how intelligent were they? or is it that they came from the very rich families or had some supernatural powers? I don’t know about you guys but for me, the things that I admire about the great people whether it is in the field of Art and Music, Politics, Economic and business or Philosophy is the fact that most of them if not all of them followed their heart and used their mind and brain to serve them and help them to reach their heartistic goals and dreams.

I believe that if we could keep most of the traits from our childhood in the later stage and phase of our life, we could be far more successful and happy in our life than we are today. the traits like being active and talkative, having no sense of shyness or guilt, worries or stress and being judgmental about what is right and wrong, these sort of treats can help us so much that we can achieve what ever we want. childhood, adolescence and adulthood has all its pros and cons but there are a lot of treats from the childhood that I wish to have at the stage of my adolescence. Finally, Life is shorter than we thought, follow your heart and use your brain and mind to help you not control you. Life will be more beautiful when we are less judgmental about right and wrong. the only wrong is when your action hurts others. Let’s life our life in away which we can be a blessing not a curse to others.

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