I have a dream


7 years ago, when I was still learning English in a Language school, we were all asked to study the famous speech of Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a dream”. back then having a very limited knowledge of English made it very hard to grasp and understand the full concept and message of the speech. But as I grow older, I felt like this speech is just for me, there were a lot of points that I could relate to. Growing up in Afghanistan, a country that is very similar to the America of 1950 and 60s help me to realize and understand the real concepts of racial discrimination, Justice and liberty.

I am coming from an ethnicity in Afghanistan, who had a very similar history to the black Americans. the tribe that I am talking about is called Hazara which is one of the four major tribe in Afghanistan that shape the country’s population. unfortunately Hazara People’s history is filled with a lot sad events like Massacre of the tribe from 1844- 1850, Slavery and labeling them as the second degree citizens of the country that made life so miserable for my ancestors. even though a lot of things has changed since then but still you could see the affect of those discrimination in the modern life of Hazara people.

Looking back to the history of my people, and also looking to the things that are going on in other parts of the old, the miseries, war and conflict, environmental issues and famine makes me very sad. the human beings that have so much potentials, skills and power to change and breakthrough in many field still struggling to live in peace with each other. Human beings fought and took advantage of the law of nature, with the help of science and technology we are overcoming most of the natural challenges but the problem that human beings are suffering is that they couldn’t fight and combat with their own evil nature such as greed, selfishness and the desire for power and exploitation of other people’s life.

Seeing all this challenges ahead of us, push me to dream a dream that one day we all could live in a planet where everyone could have an equal opportunity and rights to live their lives in the best possible way. I have a dream that one day, the dream of world peace will not be a dream  anymore but a reality.




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