Saga’s of unpleasant events

when I was younger, I was  more optimistic about the world, life and the future. I believed humans are good in nature,  no matter what, one day we all could come together and say no to war and violence to end the long battled suffering of our fellow humans who have been the victims of war and terrorism. that believe and dream of a just world didn’t last long in me, I think there are a lot of changes with the physical growth of a person, as we grow older, we also grow mentally. Every experience in life gives us the lessons to learn and realize the things that we were not able to know before.

Afghan lives have been turning around  of many unpleasant sequence of events that made my dreams of an ideal and just world shuttered. The hope of having a peaceful environment around me seemed an unreachable dream. because I was born in war, lived my youth life in war and now seems like to die or getting killed in war. I have seen moms carrying over the dead body of their children who died because of the Suicide bombers, I have also seen the the children are playing with dead organs of their parents’ body who died in a suicide bombing. I have seen the fear of not coming back home from work, school and university in the eyes of my friends. every good byes in my country is like the last good byes to your friends, relatives and families.

the insecurity has stolen the luxurious side of life from every individual who are born in Afghanistan, some of us die in a very young age or getting killed because of our differences. almost a hundred thousands of my fellow country men left the country to migrate to a more peaceful country where they could not be afraid of getting killed on the streets or getting threaten because they are different or don’t like to follow some certain religious, cultural or social norms. life in Afghanistan is a saga of unpleasant events where everyday people are trying just to survive and hope a better situation for tomorrow. tired and disappointed but still life goes on with the least quality of life for people who live in this cursed geographical location. I hope this saga of unpleasant events will change to the sage of pleasant events someday.

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